Cloud Solutions

Andor Cloud SolutionsAndor Cloud Solutions provide high quality, cost effective technology solutions to support business growth. We offer a range of cloud products including Platform As A Service (PAAS), Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), and Backup To The Cloud solutions.

Our aim in providing a Cloud Strategy for your business is to protect your data, reduce your costs, and ensure that you are operating within industry standards.

Andor Cloud Solutions enable secure, managed protection of critical data off site, while ensuring you can access your data from anywhere, at any time.

Upfront costs are minimal, as you do not need to purchase the infrastructure to support your Cloud Solution. Instead, a predictable monthly fee will cover your solution, growing only as your business requirements increase.

Confidently and securely move your applications and data to the cloud by leveraging Andor data infrastructure that delivers industry-leading efficiencies, unprecedented scalability, continuous data access, and intelligent data management.

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